Therma-Vert Otic Instructions

Please store Therma-Vert Otic syringes at room temperature.
Place the syringe(s) in a refrigerator 15 minutes before use.

To insert Therma-Vert Otic into your Pet’s Ear


  1. Remove the safety cover from the syringe and put on the applicator tip.
  2. Hold the end of your pet’s ear up and away from the head, so that you can see into the ear canal.
  3. Place the applicator tip into the opening of the ear canal. Do NOT push the applicator tip deep into the ear canal.
  4. Press the syringe plunger until the ear canal is full. The syringe may contain extra medication as pets’ ears vary in size.
  5. Hold your pet’s head steady for 3-5 seconds until the liquid medication turns into a gel.

Important Information
  • Your pet may experience some temporary balance difficulties which should subside within a few hours.
  • Should your pet’s ear become inflamed or they experience any other significant discomfort beyond temporarily scratching at ears until they adjust to treatment, please contact your veterinarian immediately. Therma-Vert-Otic gel is easily removed with an ear cleanser.
  • Therma-Vert Otic should be applied every 5-7 days depending on the infection being treated and the size of the pet, until the course of therapy is completed as prescribed. It is recommended that you see your vet for a follow-up visit halfway through treatment for proper evaluation.