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Danny Carrero Color Square

Danny Carrero, RPh


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Brian Morgan

Director / VP Medical Relations


Han Chu, RPh

Pharmacy Manager

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Rebecca Kelly

VP Sales and Marketing

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Jenny Tam, Pharm D

Formulations / Quality Control

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Tazz West

Shipping and Billing Manager

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Jannay Southerland

Inventory Manager

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Kaseonna Bazzelle

Assistant Pharmacy Manager


Linda Gray

Rescue Coordinator

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Joanne Vega

Call Center Manager


My passion for compounding and compassion for sick pets is what motivated me to create Best Pet Rx. Working with animals and helping vets and pet owners solve complex medical issues is what fuels me.  At home, I can’t rest for long without my mind wandering back to the pharmacy and the unexplored possibilities of better treatment options for pets.

Fun Fact:

I raise and breed a small collection of ball pythons.


Various reptiles.


At work: I love facilitating conversations with veterinarians and their teams on ways we can better the lives of their patients while making things easier for their pet owners. With over 19 years experience in the veterinary field (including 12 years as a veterinary technician), I enjoy bringing my skill set to the table in developing systems and processes internally that will best serve the veterinary community.

At home: I really love to garden, however, I am forced to buy houseplants to satisfy this passion (as I live in the city) :). I live to eat amazing food, drink amazing wine, and travel to amazing places.

Fun Fact:

I studied Biology and Theater in college. I originally moved to NYC to pursue acting and have been in numerous stage productions.


Marcel, a Dorkie (Dachsund/Yorkie) rescued from Animal Care and Control in NYC.


My team connects our pharmacy with veterinary practices, pets, and their owners. I make sure that each and every prescription going out the door is EXACTLY what the veterinarian ordered for your pet.  I have twenty years of experience as a pharmacist, and over ten years dedicated to pets.  I know that the quality of the customized medications that we make is paramount to keeping your furry friends happy and healthy. They deserve the BEST!

Fun Fact:

I love early aerobics at the park and traveling to coastal cities.


I have an extremely energetic Morkie named Mochi.


I’m proud to work for a company that operates with integrity; always putting the needs of pets and their caretakers first. My favorite part of the job is visiting veterinary practices on the road; especially when staff pets are available to love!

At home: I spend a lot of time traveling for Best Pet Rx, so just being home with my family is awesome.

Fun Fact:

I’ve visited 40 states in the continental US. 10 to go for my bucket list!


Tabitha, a rescued Black Mouth Cur. When I'm away, she plays at Doggy Day Camp and quickly takes over my side of the bed.


I have worked in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry and have found veterinary medicine to be the most rewarding.  There’s so much to learn from veterinary medicine because every pet is different.  We treat a wide range of pets from dogs, cats, reptiles, avian, and zoo animals.  Communicating with the owners and the veterinarians is the highlight of my day.

Fun Fact:

I love to travel in my off time.


I have a lab/shepherd mix.


My main responsibility at BPRX is shipping all completed prescriptions to their owners by either next day delivery or courier all over the country.

My favorite thing about working here are my co-workers. They make working here seem less like work and more like fun.

I love to spend my off time with my kids.

Fun Fact:

Anything fun about me comes from my kids. You’d have to ask them!


None yet.


It’s my responsibility here at BPRX to make sure all of the compounders are fully stocked with everything they need at all times.

My favorite thing about working here is my co-workers.

I spend my off time with my 2 pit bulls at the dog park or just walking around the city!

Fun Fact:

I’m a lot more goofy than I look.


2 Pit bulls, Diva and Diamond.


As the Assistant Pharmacy Manager, it is my job to support the dispensing team here at BPRX. I work closely with the lab, inventory, and shipping departments to ensure all medications are made to our high quality standards and arrive in a timely manner.

My favorite thing about working at BPRX is the environment. All of the people are great and we can depend on each other for always getting the job done!

I love to spend time with my family either at the movies or shopping!

Fun Fact:

I love to make jokes and keep people laughing.


1 cat.


I work with animal rescue organizations and shelters to make sure their animals receive their medications quickly and on time. I’m a vegan animal rights activist so working someplace where I can assist animals is a top priority. At Best Pet Rx, there’s so much dedication to all animals it’s a perfect fit for me!

My favorite way to spend my free time is with my rescued pets. I also enjoy going to any organizational events that bring the plight of suffering animals to the public’s attention.


Fun Fact:

I love rock music, especially Greta Van Fleet.


A pit bull, 2 senior felines.


I’m in charge of the customer service team. Every day we work to make sure that clients receive their pet’s medications on time; with the quality and customer service experience that only Best Pet RX can deliver.

My favorite thing about working at BPRX is that every day I learn something new. The people here are fantastic to work with and I love the fact that I’m helping animals.

My favorite time-off activity is relaxing at a nice beach, but since I can’t do that every weekend; I enjoy the simple things like spending time at home with my family.

Fun Fact:

I like to sing... much to the aggravation of those around me.


A pit bull, 2 Shih Tzus, and a rabbit.