Production Guides


Production Guide

Custom Compound Time To Make
Liquids Same Day
Capsules (under 120 count) Same Day
Creams/Topical Products Same Day
Transdermals Same Day
Otic Products Same Day
Capsules (Over 120 Count) 1 Day
Micro-Tabs/Mini Tabs/Sof-Chews 3 Days

Post Production Next Day Delivery Guide

Ship day* Day Received
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday to NY, NJ, CT, PA (Zone 2 only) Saturday
Friday to All Other States (Non-Refrigerated) Monday
Friday to All Other States (Refrigerated) Tuesday
*All orders must be placed before 4pm EST 
to be received by the following day.
Currently we do not send out any Next Day shipments on Saturday.

FREE Saturday Next Day Delivery to the
following areas:


Connecticut – Entire state
New Jersey – Entire state
New York – From NYC: North to Albany & all areas below I-88
All areas of Long Island
Pennsylvania – All areas east of I-81
Outside of these areas: Next Day Saturday delivery costs $35 – $50.

Post Production Courier Delivery Guide For Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island,
Staten Island, The Bronx, and Westchester County

(Monday – Friday)

Delivery Area Delivery Window Cutoff Time
Manhattan 12-3PM 7PM Day Before
Manhattan 3-6PM 12PM
Manhattan 7-10PM 4PM
Brooklyn 1-5PM 10AM
Brooklyn 7-11PM 4PM
Queens 1-5PM 6PM Day Before
Queens 7-11PM 4PM
Long Island 1-5PM 6PM Day Before
Long Island 7-11PM 4PM
Staten Island 1-5PM 6PM Day Before
Staten Island 7-11PM 4PM
Bronx 1-5PM 6PM Day Before
Bronx 7-11PM 4PM
Westchester County 1-5PM 6PM Day Before
Westchester County 7-11PM 4PM