Our Story OLD

A Veterinary COMPOUNDING Pharmacy
with New York Roots

We know how hard it is having a sick pet, especially one who doesn’t like taking pills. That’s why, for the past  15 years, we’ve been devoted to providing innovative, high-quality compounded medications that make life easier for pets and the people who care for them.



A dream comes alive…

After spending years serving human health needs, two friends and fellow animal lovers set out on a mission to revolutionize the way we medicate pets. Their goal was simple: to provide fully customized compounded medications designed for each individual animal’s needs. Over the next few years, they transformed a human-focused pharmacy on the Upper East Side into the first veterinary compounding pharmacy in NYC.


The transition to a pet pharmacy is complete!

The large, storefront retail space formerly dedicated to human line items evolves into a pet boutique and veterinary pharmacy. Locals with pets visit the new store frequently and bring their pets’ prescriptions with them. A modest space in back houses all the compounding and dispensing operations.


As people come to rely on the expertise and personal service provided by the pharmacy team, operations expand with a focus on providing free and fast delivery. A complimentary same-day courier service is added to meet the needs of pet owners and veterinarians throughout NYC. Next business day delivery soon follows for areas outside the city.



Construction of a bigger & better, modern facility

Thanks to the patronage, support, and loyalty of an increasing number of veterinarians and pet owners throughout the country, the company outgrows its retail space and builds a custom, state-of-the-art facility a few blocks from its original location. The pharmacy now occupies the entire fourth floor of a commercial building on 94th St. between 2nd and 3rd Ave. Although retail operations cease, clients (and their pets!) continue to visit at the pharmacy’s new location.


At long last, a new neighborhood subway line

After 100 years of construction, much of it taking place beneath the original pharmacy (with electrical outages, phone outages, street closures, and incessant noise), the 2nd Avenue subway opens in January of 2017. The 94th St. Station is conveniently located half a block from the pharmacy.