Our Expertise



Best Pet Rx operates from two state-of-the-art production facilities – our flagship pharmacy in New York City, custom-built in 2014, and our newest pharmacy in Manassas, VA, built in 2021. Since our start in 2005, Best Pet Rx has earned the trust of veterinarians within general practice, specialty hospitals, and teaching centers throughout the country. Our pharmacy continues to grow with recommendations from pet owners and referrals from veterinarians.


We take pride in providing veterinary hospitals and pet owners with unmatched service and support. Our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacy team includes customer service representatives, veterinary technicians, and pharmacists certified as Veterinary Compounding Specialists. Each of our veterinary-trained pharmacists has over 10 years of experience.


At Best Pet Rx, all of our compounded medications are made to order for each pet based on their veterinarian’s specifications; so every pet gets a custom formulation with the exact dose, preferred hypoallergenic flavor, and the specific amount they need for optimal results.


Every day we collaborate with pet owners and their veterinarians to solve medication-time struggles. We know that every pet is unique, and that some are pickier than others!  By changing the flavor, reformulating the medication, or even combining multiple medications into a single, easy-to-take dose we can make medication-time easier and help pets feel better soon.



We compound pet medications with the highest-grade bulk chemicals available and never cut corners or compromise on quality. We carefully select each component used in our compounded medications to ensure their safety for animals. All the flavors used by our pharmacy are hypoallergenic. They are safe for pets with food allergies or those on limited protein diets.


We know having a sick pet is difficult enough, so we make the ordering and delivery process hassle-free for our clients. Our new phone system minimizes hold time, and it is always easy to speak to a helpful customer service representative. Veterinarians can send prescriptions to our pharmacy via phone or fax. Pet owners can easily refill medications with the Best Pet Rx mobile app  through the online form, or by telephone or email.


Fast delivery ensures that pets can begin the prescribed course of therapy immediately. We provide free, next business day delivery on nearly all prescription orders. In NYC and the surrounding areas, we also offer free, same-day courier delivery service.   You can learn more about our delivery options here.