Courier Delivery Service Expanded in NYC Metro Area

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Courier Delivery Service Expanded in NYC Metro Area


With roots in fast-paced Manhattan, Best Pet Rx was built with speedy, reliable service as a core value. For 10 years, our pharmacy has worked with couriers to hand-deliver medications to pet owners throughout the NYC metro area.


We are excited to announce that our courier service has now expanded to Connecticut and Putnam County, NY!


Safe & Secure Delivery


The rise of online shopping and home delivery during COVID-19 has increased the number of packages needing to be processed and delivered. This has resulted in delayed and even lost packages in some parts of the country where the virus has hit hardest.


By switching to a courier model in these areas, we can ensure that pets’ medications arrive safely and on time. This is especially vital for refrigerated medications which must stay temperature controlled – for example, chemotherapeutic drugs.


Limited Handling – No Contact Delivery


As we take precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19, many people are wary about handling mail and packages that have passed through many hands during the shipping process.


With our courier service, your pet’s medication is picked up at our pharmacy by the same person who will deliver it safely to your door. Each courier has been equipped with face masks and has been instructed to maintain a 6-foot distance at all times.


The CDC notes that, “although the virus can survive for a short period on some surfaces, it is unlikely to be spread from domestic or international mail, products or packaging”. Still, they advise that people wash their hands thoroughly after handling any package.


Supporting Customers Through Innovation


Since Best Pet Rx was founded, our team has striven to provide the fastest turnaround on custom compounded pet medications. We believe that pets shouldn’t have to wait to start feeling better, which is why we offer free same-day or next-day delivery on most orders.


As we adapt to a rapidly changing world, Best Pet Rx remains committed to supporting our customers and their pets. The shipping disruptions due to COVID-19 may be temporary, but as we worked to uncover an immediate solution we were excited to find one that is also a long-term improvement. We’d like to thank our dedicated courier company and our shipping team who worked together to quickly launch this new initiative.


To learn more about courier and delivery options, click here.