Best Pet Rx To The Rescue … Literally

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Best Pet Rx To The Rescue … Literally

The shelter/rescue division of Best Pet Rx is known as “Best Pet RX to the Rescue.” The meaning behind our name literally sprang to life yesterday afternoon:

PJ, our courier, spotted a baby bird narrowly avoid being hit by car outside our company. The bird was not yet able to fly and scurried and slammed into a parked car’s tire. A small box lined with paper towels provided a temporary carrier for the little fellow and PJ dashed on his bike across town to our client, Rita, at The Wild Bird Fund. The baby bird’s parents were naturally alarmed – and it was a gamble that interfering with nature would pay off. The baby had come so close to death on the street that saving his life was paramount.

We are so grateful to PJ for his compassion, expertise in capturing and boxing up our little feathered friend, and getting him to the safety of the The Wild Bird Fund.