Transdermal Gel Application Instructions

Store at room temperature and do not refrigerate.
Important Information: Read Before Applying.

  • All transdermal medications are packaged in pre-filled syringes that state “Oral Use Only,” as they are not made for giving injections.
    Please DO NOT give your pet’s transdermal medication orally, only apply topically as directed.
  • Transdermal gels need to be applied to clean skin that has little hair and is difficult for pets to lick. In general, the inside hairless part of the ear works well.
  • Alternating ears is recommended.
  • Do not apply transdermal gels to any skin that has open cuts or sores.
  • Finger cots are included with your order.  Always use them to apply the medication. DO NOT apply with your bare finger.
  • You should gently clean the site of the application with dampened cotton several times a week.
  • Avoid using cotton swabs to apply the medication as most of the medication will stick to them and your pet will not receive the correct dose.

To apply your pet’s Transdermal Gel Medication

  1. Wipe the application site with a moist paper towel. Let dry.
  2. Put on a rubber glove or place a finger cot on your index finger.
  3. Remove the colored protective tip from the transdermal syringe.
  4. Press the syringe to dispense the prescribed amount to your covered index finger.
  5. Gently rub the gel into the skin at the application site until it is completely absorbed.
  6. Carefully remove the glove or finger cot. Place it in a secure garbage can. Then wash your hands.