Best Pet Rx custom compounds complex oncology preparations with the highest quality and safety standards. Your goal as an oncologist is to provide effective treatment while maintaining a good quality of life. Our goal is to reduce the struggle and stress that pet owners commonly face when medicating their sick pets, so that they can enjoy the time they have together.


Our state of the art facility was custom built in 2014. We have a separate chemo prep room in our sterile compounding suite and an internal pharmacy team dedicated to preparing oncology products.


Our pharmacy team has 10+ years of veterinary exclusive compounding & dispensing experience. We are expert at identifying dosing errors and drug interactions. All chemo shipments include gloves and a detailed safety fact sheet.


Our veterinary trained customer service reps take as much time as pet owners need to make sure they feel confident giving chemotherapy at home.


Veterinary cancer treatment requires highly specific, customized therapy.  We compound chemotherapy   and adjuvant medications when ordered at your direction.

Simple Treatment Options

We can combine multiple medications into one flavored tablet, capsule or solution making it simple for pet owners to achieve compliance while reducing stress for the pet.

Chemotherapy Available - June 2016

Chlorambucil • Cyclophosphamide • Dasatanib • Hydroxyurea • Imatinib • L-Asparaginase Injection • Lomustine • Mechlorethamine Injection • Melphalan • Mitotane • Palladia • Piroxicam • Procarbazine • Satraplatin • Temozolamidet.