How We Help Pet Owners

We know that no pet owner wants to give their pet medicine, because no pet owner wants their pet to be sick. If you do need to give your pet medicine, you want it TO WORK, you want it to BE SAFE, and you want it as soon as possible so that your pet will feel better quickly.


We operate from a state-of-the-art production facility, custom built in 2014. Our pharmacists have 10+ years of veterinary exclusive compounding and dispensing experience.


All of our compounded medications are made to your vet’s specifications for your pet. We don’t manufacture standard dose products. We make the EXACT dose, CUSTOM formulation, PREFERRED flavor, and SPECIFIC amount that your pet needs after we receive your pet’s prescription and speak with you directly.


We are a veterinary exclusive specialty pharmacy. All of the components of our compounded products are designed for veterinary applications, not human uses. Our pharmacists are expert at identifying dosing errors and drug interactions across animal species.

Fast Delivery

We provide FREE, NEXT-BUSINESS DAY delivery on nearly all prescription orders. This ensures that your pet can begin the prescribed course of therapy immediately. In NYC and surrounding areas, couriers make same day delivery an option too.