Flavored Liquids

A tasty, easy-to-give compounded medication option for small dogs and cats, birds,
and exotic pets.



Our pharmacy uses high-quality, liquid bases that provide superior anti-sedimentation technology. The medication remains evenly mixed in the liquid formulation at a consistent concentration throughout the course of therapy. No clumps at the bottom of the bottle or excessive shaking to mix required!


All of our formulations are made-to-order so our expert pharmacy team can help select the right oral liquid option for each pet. For example, some medications require an oil-based suspension. Others can be compounded into a lighter and more palatable, aqueous solution. Depending on the medications prescribed, we can also combine more than one medication into a single formulation.


Dose amounts can be customized for each pet too. It is often much easier for pet owners to give smaller amounts of oral liquids to their pets than a standard 1 ml dose.  Through custom compounding, we can increase the concentration of an oral liquid to reduce the volume, turning a 1ml dose into a much smaller 0.25 -0.50 ml dose. This can make a big difference when trying to medicate an uncooperative pet!


Best Pet Rx caters to the pickiest of palates. We offer 23 hypoallergenic flavors and sugar free options too!


Our customer service reps know which hypoallergenic flavors work best with commonly prescribed medications.


We will provide pet owners with a different flavor of the same formulation at no charge within 5 days of delivery.