Frequently Asked Questions


Are instructions for medications given on the bottle?

Complete instructions for properly dosing your pet are included on the medication container.  Any additional information pertaining to the specific formulation or medication for your pet is provided on an enclosed fact sheet.

Is the receipt for my order included in the shipment?

Yes.  The receipt for your order is placed inside the delivery bag or box.

How do I give my pet oral liquids, transdermals, etc.?

Instructions for administering common formulations are available under the Medication Instruction button of our website under the Pet Owners section.  If you ever have a concern or questions about giving your pet medication, we are happy to help.  Please call us during pharmacy hours (M-F 9:00Am – 5:00PM, Sat. 9:00AM – 5:00PM) at 800-390-BPRX (2779) or send us an email at refills@bestpetrx.com.

The syringe that was dispensed with my oral medication states “not for oral use”. Why?

Yes. This is a commonly asked question and we realize a concern to you!  The syringes that we dispense are labeled with the following precautions: “Not for Oral Use.  Do Not Reshield Used Needles.  Sterile.  Single Use”.  The syringes that we dispense with oral medications are actually syringes designed for human injections with a needle.  We use them because they are the best syringes for giving pets oral medications and they can also be rinsed and reused.

My pet is on a hypo-allergenic or novel protein food. Why don’t you have flavors to match his / her diet?

All of our flavoring agents are hypo- allergenic and therefore they will not cause any problems with whatever diet your pet is following if we don’t have a matching flavor available.

What flavors do you have?

We have many flavor options available to satisfy palates across species. We are working to improve our website and will be posting a list of flavors preferred by dogs, cats and exotic pets in the near future.  In the meantime, our customer service reps will be happy to suggest the best flavors for your pet’s medications.  Keep in mind that you can notify us within 5 days of delivery if your pet does not like the medication flavor and we will provide a different flavor of the same formulation at no charge.  We want your pet to take their medication easily and regularly.


How do I have a prescription sent to your pharmacy if I’m a new customer?

Contact your veterinarian’s office and have them phone (800-390-2779), fax (212-348-3037) or email (scripts@bestpetrx.com) the prescription details.

Why can’t I order online?

We are a bit different from other hybrid (human & pet) and veterinary exclusive pharmacies.  We don’t mass produce and then stock our compounded medications awaiting a clicked order via a website portal.  Instead, we make each medication specifically for your pet following your veterinarian’s direction with input from you regarding flavor preference.  This allows us to provide a completely customized product tailored to the needs of your pet.  We currently have over 15,000 medication formulas in our database, so an online system is a daunting task.   Our main concern is the potential for medication type and dosing errors arising from such a vast automation system.  We are committed to continuously improving, so we are considering a more limited online tool in the future.

If I use the automated system, why do you need to call me back before you send out the medication?

Our automated system triggers a follow up phone call from our customer service reps to personally schedule your delivery and to make sure that the delivery information in our system is correct.  The automated service is meant to keep you from waiting on hold for long periods of time during peak call volume periods.   If all of your information on file is the same since your last order, you have the option of leaving a message stating when you’d like delivery.


How do I refill my prescription?

Email your request to refills@bestpetrx.com or phone us at 800-390-BPRX (2779) and follow the automated phone system prompts for refills.  Please provide detailed instructions with either option.

Why don’t we provide automatic refills?

We would never want to send a medication without approval from the pet owner first.  Your pet’s medical circumstances may have changed since the last refill, and we do not want to deliver or charge you for unnecessary medications.  We are working on a refill reminder system to provide our customers with automatic alerts and prevent lapses in ordering.

Why does the automated phone system tell me that I have no refills when I know that my doctor called in to update my pet’s prescription?

When all of the existing refills on your pet’s original prescription number have been filled, your vet’s office needs to approve a brand new prescription. Once approved, a different prescription number is generated with an additional number of refills associated with the new number.  You don’t have access to this new number until you receive your next order, but we can see it internally.  Please call us if you get the “no refills on file” message and you suspect that there is an error.


Why is my courier delivery window 3 - 4 hours?

Our free courier delivery service must deliver several packages with each delivery route.  Based on where they are scheduled to deliver for that day; train delays, traffic, and other unpredictable events make it impossible to give an exact time when they will arrive with the delivery.  We have currently identified the most reasonable delivery windows to be 3 hours in Manhattan (4 hours in Brooklyn and Queens). Our shipping department is always working to find better ways to serve our customers.  We may offer different courier options in the future based on our findings.

Why is your earliest courier delivery window from 12PM - 3 PM?

Your pet’s medication is made the same day it leaves our facility to ensure we are providing the best possible product.  It currently is not possible to make and schedule a drug delivery for a patient any earlier than the 12-3pm window.  We are exploring the possibility of morning deliveries and may be able to provide this service in the near future.

Why doesn't your automated system give me delivery window options when I refill my pet's prescription?

Our automated system is meant as a convenience to customers who don’t want to wait on hold during peak periods.  Due to the various delivery options we offer based on the location of our customers, we are currently unable to provide a streamlined approach in our automated system that would ensure customers receive orders in their desired time slot.  When you place an order through our automated system a customer service representative will contact you directly to schedule the delivery time and ensure delivery and payment information is correct.  Customers also have the option to leave a message with their order to request the desired delivery window and our customer service team will respond to confirm.

How can I track my delivery?

All customers who have an email address on file will be sent a tracking email from FedEx when the delivery leaves our facility.  For courier deliveries, we are currently working on a tracking system for customers. Stay tuned for more information.