Why Vets Love Us

Best Pet Rx is a veterinary-exclusive compounding pharmacy with a commitment to partnering with veterinarians for the well-being and care of their patients.

Our mission is to help your clients find the best way to medicate their pets easily and regularly, so that compliance is not a barrier to good therapeutic outcomes. We strive to provide our veterinary partners with innovative technologies, best quality compounded medications, and first class service.

Easy Ordering

A prescription can be ordered via email, telephone or fax.  We also have a popular prescription hotline, scripts@ bestpetrx.com, staffed by a call center rep during pharmacy hours.  Messages left after hours are picked up first thing in the morning, so you can place orders when you have time and not on our schedule.


We provide FREE, NEXT-BUSINESS DAY delivery.  This ensures that your patients can begin the prescribed course of therapy immediately.

At Best Pet Rx, we understand how important it is for your patients to receive their medication in a timely manner.  We stand by our commitment to provide free, next-business day delivery that is really FREE and really NEXT DAY.


We use the highest grade bulk chemical drugs to compound our products.  Our pharmacy utilizes a triple-check system to ensure accuracy of prescription orders and to verify that dosing schedules match the indicated use.  We perform potency testing and screening for endotoxins on compounded sterile products.

VPP Recognition

Best Pet Rx is the first veterinary exclusive pharmacy to earn Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) status from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Inclusion in this nationally recognized inspection and licensure program signifies our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry.


We are veterinary exclusive.  The active and inactive components of our compounded products are designed for veterinary applications, not human uses. We are experts at identifying potential dosing errors and drug interactions specific to animal species.


We hire experienced veterinary professionals for our call center. They know how to have discussions with veterinarians and pet owners alike.  We work with many veterinary teaching hospitals and specialty centers throughout the country and are accustomed to challenging cases and unique treatment strategies.


Best Pet Rx only makes prescriptions when they are ordered, allowing veterinarians to select the customized drug therapy that is appropriate within each specific veterinarian, client, pet relationship.


We continually research new delivery vehicles to make it easier for pet owners to give medications and achieve compliance.  For example, our flavored Micro-tabs™ are the smallest compounded tablet on the market (3mm).  Micro-Tabs are especially useful for combination drug therapy. They are frequently prescribed for multiple cardiac drug therapy and anti-nausea formulations.

Best Quality. Best Service. Best Pet Rx.